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Automatic Monitoring & Targeting

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aM&T is the industry accepted acronym for ‘automatic Monitoring and Targeting. It is the key management tool for identifying and reducing utility waste thereby helping you to cut operating costs and carbon emissions. Correctly applied and managed the process can achieve up to 12% savings [Ref: Carbon Trust]. so the investment can be justified in terms of a tangible ROI in metering and sub-metering. It is a continually evolving technology that encompasses main utility, advanced and smart metering, sub-metering, data communications, data management and a broad array of software applications. aM&T captures energy consumption information automatically releasing energy managers from tedious and time-consuming collection processes and allows them to understand energy consumption in their organisation and ultimately take informed decisions to reduce energy waste.

The Monitoring and Targeting Process

At WilSon Energy, we work in partnership with clients establish the levels of usage for each utility on site and/or each energy accountable area. To make energy savings, each of these areas need to improve performance – this is Targeting, and achievable improvement in performance. The monitoring and targeting process follows four distinct stages as summarised by the following flow chart:

WilSon Energy can provide all forms of metering for all utilities including electricity, gas, water, heat, oil, LPG and all other energy sources and will tailor the platform to provide reporting for the varied audiences within any business.

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