Based in Newark and operating nationwide, WilSon Energy Limited was established in 2007, is now one of the UK’s leading providers of fully integrated Heating, Metering, Pay as you Go and Billing & Bureau Services for residential homes and commercial developments.

Whether your project requires localised Heat Interface Units (HIUs) or is based on maximising space using underfloor heating, WilSon Energy provides innovative and cost effective solutions for all your heating requirements.

Heat Networks (also known as District Heating Schemes) are a rapidly growing part of all multi-tenant developments across the UK as they offer significantly improved safety and environmental performance over localised gas boiler systems. Our partners have been carefully selected to ensure we can deliver the most efficient and cost effective heating solutions alongside the most robust data collection systems utilising a globally patented communications technology based on self-healing/self-learning networks within large developments.

We can remotely control our smart metering systems, switching dwellings to Pay as you Go mode without ever having to gain access and thus maximise revenue collection for our clients – subject to rules set by the energy regulator Ofgem. From the fuel users perspective they are empowered to control and monitor credit so they can avoid loss of heating services and going into “fuel poverty”.

We are proud to represent some of the world’s leading manufacturers of energy technology and strive to provide sustainable and innovative solutions at all times. Our team of dedicated staff are on hand to help you and deliver your expectations.