WilSon Energy gets green light to retrofit cutting-edge metering technology into 250 homes

Midlands-based WilSon Energy, a leading provider of fully integrated Heating, Metering, Pre-Payment and Billing & Bureau Services for residential homes and commercial developments, has won a new contract to deploy the latest LoRaWAN technology as part of an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).

The project will see a network of 250 residential properties in Stevenage benefitting from WilSon Energy’s implementation of the latest cutting-edge heat metering technology.

LoRaWAN is communications protocol that wirelessly connects “things” to the internet in regional, national, or global networks. Its popularity is growing in the residential property space as it is an easy-to-deploy, simple-to-manage, resilient, robust and cost-effective solution for managing heating, cooling, electricity, water and gas metering.

Together with Axioma Metering, the project will feature Qalcosonic E3 smart ultrasonic heat energy meters with LoRa modules operating within WilSon’s intelligent data management platform solution.

Andy Wilkinson, CEO WilSon Energy, said: “With this partnership we are able to provide customers with a one-stop shop solution; the smart heat energy meter, LoRaWAN network and IoT platform”.

Through the collaboration, the WilSon platform will allow building administrators to monitor and analyse data; use the data for billing; generate balancing, consumption and leakage reports; as well as receive customisable alerts. This includes immediate notifications of any water leaks in order to prevent damage to their infrastructure and avoid un-billed cases.

A spokesperson from the property management company added: “With the previous system that was deployed by a former contractor, the project has been inherently troubled with many issues over the last few years. Residents have been understandably unhappy about receiving incorrect bills or not being billed at all due to technical issues. With WIlSon Energy on board we are now able to rectify this”

“We’re looking forward to working with the WilSon Energy team to roll out the latest technology to residents at our Stevenage development. The implementation of this smart metering will provide a myriad of benefits, including accurate readings and a more cost-effective solution for utility bill management. This will ensure accurate billing and help our residents monitor and manage their energy usage.”

Ultrasonic measurement is considered the most reliable way of measuring the hot or chilled water flow by providing accurate consumption reporting, as the data is collected automatically, while residents can monitor their energy usage with the help of a mobile App.

In addition, the advanced metering infrastructure can lower billing costs and minimise errors by eliminating the traditional drive-by/walk-by meter data collection, as all meters are equipped with LoRa modules permitting data to be transmitted to the system effectively and without the possibility of intervention.

Dan Mayfield, Wilson’s support and operations manager explained, “Working together in the market like this, enables us to have a strong focus and accelerate the development of our IoT platform”.

WilSon Energy is carrying out the full mechanical and electrical installation of all metering devices and central concentrators. The project will enable the property management company to experience the benefit of the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) for the first time.

For more information about WilSon Energy’s smart metering services, visit: https://wilsonenergy.co.uk/.

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WilSon Energy doubles up community support with latest sponsorship deal

Newark-based WilSon Energy is proud to confirm its sponsorship of local double board darts team RHP Darts of Hazzard.

The agreement will see WilSon Energy sponsor the team’s shirts and a range of equipment for the next double board darts season, which started last month. The new shirts will also promote the team’s familiar catchphrase, “Nobody likes to see that”, which is often expressed when a dart doesn’t go the team’s way.

Having originated in France, the traditional game of darts, often played in pubs, has morphed into various UK regional forms over the years. While many have died out over time, one form that has survived, is actively used in the Newark-Upon-Trent pub league, where the game is played on a doubles dart board of the Lincoln format.

In contrast to a traditional board, a double dart board has no different coloured segments or trebles and the bullseye doesn’t have the twenty-five-point surround.

The RHP Darts of Hazzard, whose home turf is the RHP Sports and Social Club, are regular competitors in the Newark and District Double Darts League, taking on other regional teams in a series of seasonal fixtures.

Andy Wilkinson, CEO at WilSon Energy, said: “We’re really pleased to be supporting the RHP Darts of Hazzard with this latest sponsorship deal.

“As our local team, we’re fully behind them and are looking forward to cheering them on into this double board darts season and beyond.

A spokesperson for RHP Darts of Hazzard, said: “It’s great to have WilSon Energy’s backing as we start our summer season campaign.

“We’re proud of our kit and this local support is so helpful as we aim to move up the league table. Watch this space!”

You can follow the team’s progress on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/newarkdarts

WilSon Energy doubles up community support with latest sponsorship deal

Are you Heat Trust compliant?

WilSon Energy acknowledges the Heat Trust, the consumer champion for heat networks, in it’s call for all operators to join its scheme to get regulation ready. Heat Trust, launched in November 2015 is an independent, non-profit consumer champion for heat networks that holds the industry to account for the benefit of everyone involved.

Andy Wilkinson, CEO of WilSon Energy, commented. “Although only part of the overall heat network scheme relates to billing & bureau services that we carry out on behalf of our clients, this is delivered in accordance with all current industry regulations, so we also strongly recommend to them that they participate in the Heat Trust’s voluntary scheme for the benefit of their own clients. We have created a handy guide that gives advice on how we can help clients meet these standards throughout the process”.

Mebs Laljee, Business Development Manager of WilSon Energy adds, “Our billing & bureau services department is growing rapidly. We have recently introduced some significant changes in our operations, this follows major investment by the company in its billing platform and customer portal. We have secured another two heat network billing contracts this week, where clients have not renewed their existing contracts and have switched over from two other competitors”.

To all property managers or property owners that have identified a requirement for Metering and Billing, please get in touch for free impartial advice on how WilSon Energy’s technology and end to end billing solution can help and ensure that you are regulatory compliant before the end of September 2022 deadline.

Are you Heat Trust compliant?

Wilson Energy awarded a contract to supply & commission Heat Interface Units in exclusive development in London

Wilson Energy has been awarded a contract to supply and commission KaMo twin plate heat interface units and smart heat energy metering systems at Candela Yard, Tottenham Court Road, London, an exclusive development of one, two and three bedroom apartments.

Andy Wilkinson, CEO, Wilson Energy says, “Our client was looking for a provider who could offer an end-to-end solution. Wilson Energy won the contract as we are also providing billing & bureau services and ongoing service & support”.

Mebs Laljee, Business Development Manager, Wilson Energy, commented; “The main design principle of the KaMo HIU unit, is based foremostly on hygiene and hydraulic design principles and the flexibility to offer customised solutions”

The consultant preferred a unit that incorporated a PICV valve rather than a differential pressure control valve, which we were able to provide. The other requirements were for a compact design and low return temperature. The units supplied incorporated a first fix rail arrangement and flushing by-pass valve.

WilSon Energy has been supplying these units into the UK market since 2007, with major projects deployed across the UK.

Wilson Energy awarded a contract to supply & commission Heat Interface Units in exclusive development in London

Local energy business providing career opportunities for young people

Wilson Energy Limited, one of UK’s leading providers of fully integrated Heating, Metering, Pre-Payment and Billing & Bureau Services for residential homes and commercial developments, is an award-winning local employer dedicated to offering opportunities to give young people a step up in helping them to develop their careers.

A prime example is their most recent young employee, Josh Tooke, 19 years old, who started working for Wilson Energy in February 2021 in the Maintenance & Support department. Josh left college in 2020 and was looking for an opening to develop his skills in business. Josh works in the support team and his role includes arranging appointments for engineers, providing top-ups for residential customers, working onsite with some of the meter reading systems and providing customer quotes for spare parts. Josh says, “The most rewarding part of my job is helping residential customers on a daily basis. I deal with a lot of vulnerable customers, particularly the elderly. These people can be very lonely and sometimes they haven’t spoken to anyone all day so I will make time to have a chat with them and make sure they are okay”.

Andy Wilkinson, CEO, Wilson Energy commented; “Wilson Energy has provided many roles for young people over the years. It Is a project which is close to my heart, I want to be able to give young people the chance to help drive them in the right direction of their career paths. It is particularly difficult for young people right now, to secure positions that will help to develop their professional skills. It is really  rewarding to see many of them who have been successful and gone on to be Directors of companies or to provide them with the confidence to start their own business. As a business, we have also been actively involved with many local schools in the area, providing work experience placements”

If you are interested in opportunities to work with Wilson Energy and think you have what it takes to be a valuable member of the team, please contact Andy Wilkinson, andy@wilsonenergy.co.uk.

Local energy business providing career opportunities for young people

Heat Network Cost effectiveness Assessment Tool

With the updated version of the Governments Heat network metering & billing regulations (2020), it is a legal requirement to undertake a metering cost effective assessment for most building types to ensure compliance with these regulations. 

WilSon Energy can assist you in the process, by using the assessment tool to identify if there is a requirement to install metering or not. If deemed necessary, we can then recommend and if required, carry out installation/commissioning of suitable metering products and automatic meter reading systems to collect actual data for credit billing or operate on a Pay As You Go basis. 

Unlike other meter distributors, we offer a full end to end solution, including a fully managed billing & bureau service, compliant with both the Heat network metering & billing regulations (2020) and the Heatrust.

For more information, please go to Regulations: heat networks (metering and billing)

To discuss your project further please contact a member of our team at: enquiries@wilsonenergy.co.uk 

WilSon Energy installs ultrasonic smart water meters

Wilson Energy has installed MID billing standard cold-water meters and electricity meters across four sites of nearly 200 residential properties.

Each site was originally for commercial/retail use but have now been converted into 1 and 2 bedroomed apartments, all in city centre locations, bringing life and footfall back into the high street.

Ultrasonic smart water meter, QALCOSONIC W1, is designed for accurate measurement of cold and hot water consumption in households, apartment buildings, and small commercial premises. It is the first ultrasonic water meter with the integrated Narrow-Band-IoT (NB-IoT) technology in Europe.

Together with the single phase direct connected electricity meters, each meter is linked into a dedicated metering data collection platform with central data concentrator that transmits data with actual meter reads to WilSon Energy’s back office. We are now contracted with the property management company to deliver a third-party billing & bureau service to new residents moving in to their new homes.

Our client saved a substantial amount of money by creating a building network operator designed system as opposed to a district network system and was able to complete the project ahead of schedule and sell the properties faster.

WilSon Energy installs ultrasonic smart water meters

Heat Interface Unit Delivery

Another phased delivery of KaMo twin-plate Heat Interface Units, on schedule to site for another project, comprising of 700 new homes.

The units are being supplied with sub-frame assembly, customised for the customers specification of 3no Top and 3no Bottom connections, together with a full suite of accessories, including first-fix rail, flushing by-pass and filling loops.

All units are fitted with ultrasonic heat energy meters and our combined credit/pay as you go smart metering system, pre-wired and ready to go.

WilSon Energy, a leading supplier of fully integrated heating systems, delivers complete solutions from energy source to bill.

Heat Interface Unit Delivery

HIU sub-frame assembly

In-house assembly of our patented designed HIU sub-frames allows us to offer the client a fast and customised solution for any HIU configuration. When delivered to the construction site, the cabinet is ready for installation according to customer specifications and connection orientation.

Available in two different versions, in-wall and on­wall mounting, for most common system installations, the unit can be supplied for radiator connections and for underfloor heating (UFH). This can be in any combination of; six top, six bottom, three top and three bottom or four top and two bottom etc.

The sub-frame assembly is also available with optional first fix-rail and flushing by-pass valve.

The HIU can then be easily and quickly mounted on to the sub-frame, saving time and installation costs.

For more information, please contact enquiries@wilsonenergy.co.uk

HIU sub-frame assembly

WilSon Energy Secures contract to supply heat interface units and smart metering systems

Wilson Energy has secured a contract for Lily House in Wembley, for the supply and commissioning of heat interface units and smart metering systems.

The project has utilised Wilson’s brand new design of the Type 4.1, heat interface units which are both WRAS approved and tested in accordance with the BESA test regime. Chosen for its low return temperature, compact design and easy installation with configurable connections, the unit has a two part lockable front cover and viewing window for the heat energy meter. A first fix installation was carried out by the contractor using a manifold rail and flushing by-pass unit.

The smart metering package provided to the client, includes heat energy meters, cold water meters and electricity meters, which measure the consumption used within each dwelling  and is shown on the consumers ENE3 in-home display unit. The heating and hot water supply will operate on a Pay-As-You-Go basis, which is linked into WilSons’ new multi-lingual billing platform, customer portal and mobile APP.

WilSon Energy Secures contract to supply heat interface units and smart metering systems

The benefits of decentralised generation of domestic hot water

Securing decentralised water quality – hot water without the risk of legionella

A Comparison between a 2-pipe system with heat interface units and a conventional 4-pipe system with central hot water preparation.

Decentralised heating of domestic hot water

  • Decentralised flow heating giving security to residential development heat network operating companies.
  • Saving on domestic hot water and circulation pipes from the central heating system to the residential units.
  • Low system temperatures in the building pipe-work network, as hot water pipes and circulation pipes are not required.

Centralised domestic hot water storage

  • Large storage system subject to mandatory testing by residential development landlords and property owners.
  • Increased effort for pipe network, as hot water pipes and circulation pipes are required.
  • High temperatures in the building piping network in order to maintain drinking water hygiene and avoid the risk of legionella.
  • *58 % energy saving with 2-pipe systems compared to central domestic hot water systems*

Further benefits

  • No need to store domestic hot water in cylinders.
The benefits of decentralised generation of domestic hot water

View PDF

The benefits of decentralised generation of domestic hot water

Hybrid heat interface units for heating and domestic hot water

We are receiving a lot of interest in our Hybrid HIU, particularly for heat pump applications from specifiers and consultants. Our range of heat interface units are evolving to meet this challenge.

In the UK, networks will typically be designed around an output temperature of 45-50 degrees C, which will maximise the COP, minimising both CO2 and
electricity bills. The Hybrid unit works at these low temperatures (or lower, down to 35 degrees C).

Domestic Hot Water presents a particular problem. Although 45 degrees is hot enough for most uses (and building regulations limit tap water temperature to 48 degrees), stored hot water must be at a temperature of at least 60 degrees to kill off legionella. This is commonly achieved by an immersion heater in a domestic hot water tank, which takes up space and pushes up heating bills.

The Hybrid HIU negates storing domestic hot water in a cylinder which is clearly desirable both in energy efficiency terms and saving space, and instantaneous water heating offers one option to top up water heating if required.

With more than 1,000 units deployed and operational in the field, we clearly see many more opportunities in these low temperature networks.

Hybrid heat interface units

WilSon keeps the heat on: private heat and utility billing during the pandemic

WilSon Energy provides utility billing and support services on behalf of property managers. Currently supporting over 25,000 homes across the UK, including pre-pay and post-pay tenants, WilSon Energy is also responsible for call-out support, maintenance and repair.

Coronavirus has made life difficult. Andy Wilkinson, CEO, explains: “It has been tough to keep the show on the road over the last few weeks. We started by setting up a virtual call centre, so that our team could work from home to respond to tenants, take payments over the phone and trouble shoot issues.”
That was just the first step. Next was making sure that the callout team were able to deal with emergencies, where a home visit is needed to maintain supplies. WilSon Energy equipped its engineers with PPE and training in social distancing and other protocols to reduce the risks and reassure customers during necessary home visits.

Andy says “We need to support our vulnerable customers, especially where customers may be self-isolating and are unable to leave their homes. We help customers get top-ups over the phone or through our online portal, or make other arrangements to pay, so they don’t have to worry about leaving their homes to keep on top of their bills”. In addition, WilSon Energy administers tailored credit facilities on behalf of property managers for customers who are facing payment difficulties.

Roseanne Dixon, Bureau and Billing Supervisor, calls all vulnerable customers on a weekly basis, to make sure they are OK and have no problems with their utilities. “It’s part of the job I really enjoy” says Roseanne, “especially when the occasional Thank You card or Easter card comes our way!”

As well as keeping existing customers connected, WilSon Energy has recently started supporting a project in Glasgow, working with property owners and the local council to help move homeless people into empty properties. The company coordinates registration, metering and funding for heating and hot water. Six homeless people have moved into a property this week. “We like this project” says Andy, “it’s really nice to see some positives coming out of the situation”.

WilSon keeps the heat on: private heat and utility billing during the pandemic

WilSon Energy install smart metering system into commercial laundry site

WilSon engineers have installed our smart metering system at a commercial laundry site, providing site-wide automatic monitoring and targeting. Data capture of the main incoming supplies for gas, water and electricity and a sub-metering network, monitoring all energy and utilities across the site, with around fifty metering points, capturing all elements of the industrial process within the factory.

There are several makes of electricity meter installed in the switch room and at various local distribution boards around the factory and offices, which are providing a direct register read via an RS485 communication, linked to each of the data hubs installed.

The parallel communication system of the hubs provide both wireless radio and simultaneous power line data transmission, which gives a reliable and robust solution, across a site that is wide-spread, without the need for additional infrastructure. The client can view real time information on WilSon’s cloud based MDM (Meter data Management) dash board.

WilSon Energy install smart metering system into commercial laundry site

Keeping the heat on!

WilSon Energy are the only genuine, officially, appointed distributor for the UK of spare parts for KaMo and KVM Energy Heat interface units.

With over a decade of experience, our technical team has the knowledge of the various units sold over the last 15 years and a database identifying all sites and all first and second line spares. The majority of the KVM Energy units deployed are single plate (WK1/S) and KaMo units, in both single and twin plate versions. (WK-D).

We have increased our stock holding of spare parts during this uncertain time, to ensure that we have availability of most of the common items and that can be shipped immediately, on a next day delivery service.

Our trained engineers are currently available for any emergency repairs.

Please contact us at: support@wilsonenergy.co.uk

For more information, please click Single plate HIU’s

Keeping the heat on!