Whilst we prefer to provide a full turnkey heating solution, we also deliver smart metering and billing management systems for a range of clients where 3rd party HIUs are installed. Our ultimate goal is to ensure 100% revenue recovery for the landlord/management company for all utilities and also ensure individual residents are able to manage their consumption via credit billing or pay as you go systems. We have our own UK call centre to deal with all enquiries including card payments so can significantly reduce risk on behalf of our commercial clients.

The Multi-Utilty Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is deployed to turn an Electric, Gas or Water grid into a Smart Grid, with the most cost effective and resilient system to suit those needs. The patented networking infrastructure technology, allows us to ensure the reliability and performance necessary to support all current and future requirements. Outage management, Distribution Automation (DA) and Demand Response in the electricity grid; remote shut-off or leak detection in gas and water systems are only some of the capabilities of the field proven two-way communication technology and products we provide. To complete the smart metering solution a customer ENE3 In-Home display is an optional feature.

Watch the video to find out more about the technology that underpins WilSon Energy’s solutions: