We offer a full range of extended warranty, maintenance, support and spares services that are available throughout the lifetime of a project, to all commercial clients. Our highly qualified service engineers provide the highest standard of service and are trained specialists in our full range of heating equipment and Multi-Utility Smart Metering Solutions Our maintenance and support services are delivered on a Nationwide basis for our own solutions and many other manufacturers products.

All WilSon heating systems are designed to provide many years of reliable, energy efficient service as an integral element of your heat network system. However, continuous operation of our heat interface units relies on regular service and maintenance to ensure optimum performance – of both the HIU’s and also the wider heat network.

Our Planned Preventive Maintenance is a schedule of maintenance procedures aimed at the prevention of breakdowns and failure of central plant room equipment. The objective of our preventive maintenance is to avoid the failure of any equipment before it occurs. This is to preserve and enhance equipment reliability by replacing worn components before they actually fail. In addition to this , all our engineers can record equipment deterioration, so they can schedule the replacement or repair of worn parts before they cause system failure.

Maintenance and Support